Band Instrument Repair Shop

The Center of Music and Art is the area’s premiere band instrument repair shop. From replacing pads and corks to removing dents and restoring entire horns, we can do it all. Simply drop off your horn at the store during regular business hours, or call us at 740-264-3111 with any questions. Estimates are free and available on request. Below is a list of the full service options we offer.


Full Service Options

Woodwind Overhauls

Repad includes:
All new high quality pads, leveling, adjusting, and thorough testing by a qualified technician. Tenon corks are not included.

Repad and cleaning includes:
All of the above plus the removal of all keys in order to clean and sterilize the instrument. Reassembly.

Modified overhaul includes:
Installation of all new high quality pads, corks, felts, and an individual tightening of all keys. Small dents are removed. Instruments are thoroughly cleaned, sterilized, polished or buffed, and all worn or damaged tenon corks and springs are replaced. Instruments are then assembled, adjusted, and tested by a qualified technician. Minor case repairs and oiling bores on wood instruments are included.

Brasswind Repairs

Chemical cleaning includes:
Complete disassembly of instrument and immersion in a two-step cleaning and sterilization process. All felts, corks, and worn springs are replaced. Valves and slides are carefully adjusted and lubricated. Valve dents and other dent removal, pulling frozen slides, and replacement of broken or missing parts is available optionally.

There is NO CHARGE for pulling stuck mouthpieces and replacing water key corks.