Private Lessons

Private Lessons

The Center of Music and Art offers private lessons in music, art, and drama. Our highly trained staff of instructors will guide students of any age and any skill level, from beginner to advanced. We offer a wide range of art lessons, including: drawing, painting (oils, watercolor, acrylic), colored pencil, clay sculpture, clay jewelry, cartooning, origami and much more, just ask. Music lessons are available for a variety of instruments, including: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, band instruments, violin, piano, gospel piano improvisation, keyboard, voice, ear training, and drama.

Private Lessons = $20.00 per half hour
Semi-Private Lessons (2 students) =$15.00 per student per half hour.

Group classes can also be formed according to your interests and schedule. Groups of 6 or more students can form their own class. Special group rates apply; call CMA for details.

Art Lessons

Learning to use the hands and senses to express and create has long been found to be therapeutic, meditative, beautiful… a way to achieve balance in life. The Center offers courses in:

Oils / Watercolors / Acrylics
Arts and Crafts
Pen-and-Ink Drawing
Multimedia Art
Colored Pencil
Dry Brush Oil Portraiture
Specialized Groups for Young Children

There’s a growing body of scientific research that shows art is great for our mental and physical health. Firstly, it significantly reduces stress – which is being recognized more and more as a big factor in many illnesses. Secondly, it stimulates our brains in a way that “logical” or “analytical” activities do not. It allows us to express creative urges – another important part of living a long and healthy life.  We have many stories of students who have used what they have learned at The Center to improve and enhance their lives, from young children discovering the wonder of creativity, to retirees who have developed sources of income and fulfillment from their artistic talents.

Music Lessons

The Center of Music and Art offers a wide array of music courses for people at every level of development – beginning, advanced and masters. We will also offer customized classes for individuals or a group. You name it, we’ll teach it. We offer private and group instruction in:


CMA students have received accolades from many sources, local, statewide and national. We have had students perform at The Metropolitan Opera and record for Nickelodeon. Our students have performed with Dave Brubeck and have recorded audiotapes for MacMillan Publishing Company Reading Programs. Many have received scholarships and awards that have helped them achieve their highest dreams. And even more important, we have helped people from all levels of development enjoy the fulfillment and life benefits of music. We also offer instrument rental and professional repair at reasonable rates. 

One-on-One Computer Graphics

Variable Schedule
Ages 16+
Cost: $20.00 per half hour
Teacher: Gerald Van Scyoc

Students will be introduced to image manipulation, color correction and collage techniques using Photoshop on the Mac OS platform. This is an excellent class for a wide range of individuals: from anyone looking to improve the photos on their web page to students with an eye toward a career in graphic design.